Hard MTN Dew Adds Baja Blast Variety Pack (2024)

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Hard MTN Dew Adds Baja Blast Variety Pack (1)

HARD MTN DEW is making waves by dropping new HARD MTN DEW Baja Blast Variety Pack exclusively available this summer and offers one lucky fan the ultimate summer dream job

BOSTON — Just in time for summer, HARD MTN DEW is releasing a brand-new, limited-edition, never-been-done-before variety pack that is sure to cause absolute pandemonium across the country.

Enter: the HARD MTN DEW Baja Blast Variety Pack®, a summertime exclusive 12-pack featuring fan favorite HARD MTN DEW Baja Blast, plus three new versions of Baja Blast deliciousness. Introducing the all-new HARD MTN DEW Baja Blast Pineapple, HARD MTN DEW Baja Blast Mango and HARD MTN DEW Baja Blast Punch, this pack is so ridiculously refreshing and bursting with tropical flavor it’s sure to transport fans to paradise. And with just 100 calories per serving, zero sugar and no caffeine, HARD DEW Nation can keep the party going all summer long!

The brand is officially declaring this summer as the summer of HARD MTN DEW Baja Blast and is unlocking exclusive ways for fans to get in on the fun, including a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hold a coveted position on the team.

That’s right, HARD MTN DEW is hiring one lucky fan for the most coveted summer job to ever exist: HARD MTN DEW’s Chief HARD Officer. This newly created executive position will call one lucky fan up to the C-suite for a summer of intense roles and responsibilities, plus endless perks.

But this isn’t the average summer job slinging ice cream! As Chief HARD Officer, this new employee will be tasked with completing a series of extreme, Baja Blast-inspired activities to unlock the ultimate prize: the chance to try an exclusive, unreleased flavor of HARD MTN DEW Baja Blast.

The Job Description:

The Chief HARD Officer is a ridiculously bold, brave and badass HARD MTN DEW lover who adds significant value to our team by completing completely unnecessary and outrageous tasks in the name of HARD MTN DEW. We are looking for a highly motivated, curious and thirsty individual who has an unmatched affinity for HARD MTN DEW Baja Blast – specifically pineapple, punch and mango flavors, the three newest additions to this summer’s limited-edition pack.

The Chief HARD Officer will report into whomever we deem is in charge on that day and will assist with HARD MTN DEW Baja Blast’s mission to provide ridiculous refreshment – and a damn good time – all summer long. The Chief HARD Officer will be responsible for completing the outrageous tasks mentioned, plus help us develop a brand-new flavor of HARD MTN DEW Baja Blast that just might be released to HARD DEW Nation next summer.


The ideal candidate must have:

  • A highly motivated, curious and thirsty disposition
  • A sense of humor and appreciation for the absurd
  • An unwavering, passionate love for HARD MTN DEW Baja Blast
  • Proficiency in swimming
  • 21+ years of age and be a U.S. resident


As the newest member of the HARD MTN DEW Baja Blast team, you will be able to:

  • Drink HARD MTN DEW, including flavors from our new, limited-edition summer pack featuring: HARD MTN DEW Baja Blast, HARD MTN DEW Baja Blast Pineapple, HARD MTN DEW Baja Blast Punch and HARD MTN DEW Baja Blast Mango.
  • Cage dive with sharks.
  • Scuba dive alongside the ocean’s most notorious creatures.
  • Tell everyone the new HARD MTN DEW Baja Blast flavors are absolutely delicious and the best you’ve ever tasted.
  • Get on a first name basis with the employees at the nearest location where HARD MTN DEW is sold.
  • Taste-test a one-of-a-kind, unreleased HARD MTN DEW Baja Blast flavor for (potentially) real influence on next summer’s HARD MTN DEW flavor lineup.

“HARD MTN DEW is once again going where no brand has gone before – which is not easy when you’ve already married a fan to a can and thrown a spring break rager for the ages at a retirement community,” said Erica Taylor, senior brand director for HARD MTN DEW. “But we’re taking things up a notch to celebrate our most delicious HARD MTN DEW flavors yet by creating the boldest summer job ever: our ‘Chief HARD Officer.’ We are hopeful this one lucky fan will bring ridiculous passion and expertise to this incredibly ridiculous role.”

To apply for the coveted new position, fans can visit ChiefHARDOfficer.com now through May 30, 2023. Not only will the winning applicant receive the title of Chief HARD Officer, but they’ll also earn a salary for their work, an all-expenses paid trip to Florida to fulfill their duties and a future resume booster like no other. Applicants must be 21 years of age and be a U.S. resident. Full rules and regulations can be found at www.ChiefHARDOfficer.com.

The HARD MTN DEW Baja Blast Variety Pack is available now where HARD MTN DEW is currently available: Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Las Vegas, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Virginia. Follow @HardMountainDew on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for real-time product news and updates, including what states we’ll be coming to next.


Bold, delicious flavor with the added bite of 5% ABV, HARD MTN DEW brings the big citrus flavor fans of the soft drink know and love, now with the hard kick of alcohol. Available in a variety of flavors, including HARD MTN DEW®, HARD MTN DEW Baja Blast®, HARD MTN DEW Livewire® and more, HARD MTN DEW offers no caffeine, zero sugar, 100 calories and a whole lot of flavor. For more information, please visit hardmountaindew.com.

Hard MTN Dew Adds Baja Blast Variety Pack (2024)
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