About Us

  • BGST Records started the business to contribute alternative sounds and contemporary approaches in music industry.
  • Although it is newly established record label, collaborating with BGST Organization’s decades of experience we aim to bring new perspectives to music industry.
  • As founders of BGST Records, we believe that music is a journey that requires opportunity for artists to freely compose and share their music. As a record label, we have powerful partners for physical and digital distribution that allow us to collaborate this journey.

Bajar – İnecek Var

Burcu Yankın – Telli Bihar

Kardeş Türküler – To Treno Fevgi Stis Ochto

Kardeş Türküler – Bekle

Kemal Dinç – Canlı Konser Dinleme Listesi

Bajar – Diyarbekir/Amed

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