Starting its journey from İstanbul, İstanbul Kâinat Radyosu (İstanbul Universal Radio) is a project that embraces all the possible sounds of the universe. It is an aptly-titled “breath” that sets one foot on the grounds of Anatolia, while it travels through the universe with the other.

While the band brings the rich melodies of its geography’s urban music together with the audience, it also introduces a new and unique approach to musical arrangement. The band’s lead singer is Feryal Öney, Hasan Kiriş plays the classical loute, bağlama and sings, Onurcan Çağatay plays the trumpet, Onur Nevşehir plays the piano and the keys, Hakan Gürbüz plays the bass, sings and arranges the music, Velican Sağun plays the percussion instruments.

Interpreting the songs and compositions of the very geography they live in by bringing them together with the different musical understandings, İstanbul Kâinat Radyosu describes their own music with these words:

“İstanbul Kâinat Radyosu is a sound box that;

tries to observe the realm, which is a big one united organism contrary to what is believed, from its own perpective, communicates with serenity not with shouting, with one foot in Anatolia and its other foot enjoys the universe.

Our music is open to instruments such as stringed tanbur, that plays the sound of Anatolia and to the western instruments such as the piano and trumpet.”

İstanbul Universal Radio’s debut album will be released in the fall of 2018 by the BGST Records Company.