Doctor Center Ciudadela (2024)

1. Santurce – Ciudadela - Doctors' Center Hospital

  • En nuestra clínica en Ciudadela recibirás atención médica de primera en especialidades como Neumología, Ortopedia, Medicina Interna, Cirugía General, ...

  • Doctors' Center Hospital - Tu Hospital Familiar

2. Doctors´ Center Clinic - Ciudadela

  • Doctors' Center Clinic - Ciudadela: Your Path to Orthopedic Wellness in San Juan · Specialized Expertise, Personalized Care · Advanced Technology for Optimal ...

  • "Doctors'

3. Doctors' Center Hospital

4. Localizaciones | Doctors' Center Hospital

  • Doctors' Center Hospital. Manatí · Bayamón · San Juan · San Fernando de la Carolina · Dorado. Doctors' Center Clinic. Santurce – Ciudadela · Dorado · Manatí.

  • Doctors' Center Hospital - Tu Hospital Familiar

5. Lázaro Orthopedics

  • Dr. Lionel E. Lázaro Collazo. Is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon that specializes in advanced sports medicine and joint restoration.

  • We'll figure out the problem, and will provide optimal orthopedic treatment to get you back in the game.

6. Elite Endocrine MD

  • Location: San Juan, PR. Elite Endocrine MD at Doctors' Center Clinic Ciudadela. 1507 Avenida Juan Ponce De León La Casa Suite #205 Santurce, San Juan, Puerto ...

  • We are a personalized membership based Pediatric Endocrinology practice with direct access to Dr. Sheila Pérez-Colón

7. Ciudadela - Global Brigades

  • Global Brigades is working to start with the Medical Program in Ciudadela ... doctor. According to ... Ciudadela has access to a health centre within the community.

  • Ciudadela is located in the mountainous region of northern Nicaragua in the department of Jinotega. A typical house is made of wood and mud. The community has access to a health centre within the community. Ciudadela has a primary school, however, if the community members want to continue their secondary education, they have to travel […]

8. Centro Naturopático - Dr. Brooke Leason, ND

  • Our Naturopathic center is an educational facility, teaching responsible healthcare to a community in need of alternatives to standard health care in America.

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Doctor Center Ciudadela (2024)
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