Love Is Blind's Bliss Dishes on Her Wedding Day with Zack: 'It Was Just What I Imagined' (2024)

Warning: This post contains spoilers about season 4 of Netflix's Love Is Blind.

Everything went to plan for Bliss Poureetezadi when it came to her Love Is Blind wedding to Zack Goytowski.

Friday's finale of the Netflix hit showed the couple finally tying the knot after rekindling their romance earlier in season 4.

Speaking to PEOPLE after the nuptials, Bliss, 33, says she couldn't have asked for a better day.

"Oh my gosh. I'm amazed," she says. "And I really want to give props to all the people behind the scenes that make this stuff happen, and make the pods, and the experience, and everything go around. It's so much work."

"I was in love with how everything looked. It was absolutely beautiful. It was just what I imagined," she continues. "I really loved it. And it was everything that I wanted."

Part of those details included a first dance to "I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack and Sons of the Desert — a song that the pair bonded over in the pods. The dance was a moment Bliss calls "so beautiful and wonderful."

Love Is Blind's Bliss Says 'Intense Physical Chemistry' with Zack Was Part of Why She Gave Him a Second Chance

Her "perfect" wedding look was also a major contributor to her big day. It's something Bliss says came together during a fateful moment at the dress store — and one that viewers didn't get a chance to see.

"There were dresses set out for me that I was looking through. And I was like, hmm. But then this dress actually got shipped to the location that we were at, literally while we were there," she recalls. "It was just this magical moment. Everything just felt so serendipitous and beautiful."

"That was the dress. That was it. Because everything else just wasn't hitting the mark for me, and it literally shipped there while we were filming there. And it was amazing," she notes. "I loved that dress. It was perfect."

Adds Bliss: "Everything that kept happening after we got back together just kept affirming that this was the right thing."

Love Is Blind's Bliss Dishes on Her Wedding Day with Zack: 'It Was Just What I Imagined' (2)

Love Is Blind's Bliss Was 'Disappointed' by Irina's Actions — Including Saying She 'Dodged a Bullet' with Zack

Zack was entangled in a twisty love triangle in the pods with Bliss and fellow contender Irina Solomonova. He ultimately chose to break off his relationship with Bliss, later proposing to Irina, 26. But the once-engaged pair mutually decided to end their relationship at the end of their Mexico trip.

Zack then chose to pursue Bliss once more, which is something Irina even encouraged him to do. Eventually, Bliss accepted his proposal.

Bliss told PEOPLE she "didn't have any expectations" from the pair's initial reconnection meet-up but admitted, "there was a very intense physical chemistry that really just shocked me when I walked in."

She also didn't have any reservations about accepting Zack's proposal, despite being the second woman he popped the question to. "There really wasn't [any hesitation]. He just showed me the person that he is over and over again. I felt like I knew that he was my person."

"Honestly, I was so shocked. I had no idea it was coming," she added of the proposal. "I'm glad I was surprised with it."

Love Is Blind's Bliss Dishes on Her Wedding Day with Zack: 'It Was Just What I Imagined' (3)

Love Is Blind: Zack Says He 'Walked Away Feeling Pretty Good' After Tense First Meeting with Bliss's Dad

When it came time for their wedding, Bliss says she and Zack had "discussed" what they were going to say before standing at the altar.

"We had agreed and discussed about saying yes," she shares. "I wanted there to be space for us to say no at the altar if we decided that we were going to say no. I wanted to make sure that I gave that for both of us, because you never want anyone to be forced into a situation. But we were going to say yes, and we knew that we were going to say yes."

Their candid conversation came after Zack was grilled by Bliss's dad in a tense dinner at their apartment. The exchange made fans question whether or not they would, in fact, get married after Zack expressed how much he wanted his in-law's approval.

Speaking to the awkward first meeting, Bliss says: "Honestly, that's just my dad's personality. He's going to be skeptical. I expected him to be skeptical... I would've been more weirded out or surprised if he wasn't skeptical because that's just how he is. But I knew that my dad, ultimately at the end of the day, is going to trust me to make the right decision for myself."

Love Is Blind's Bliss Dishes on Her Wedding Day with Zack: 'It Was Just What I Imagined' (4)

"It wasn't even a matter of him not accepting who Zack was. It was more just not accepting of a marriage so quickly," she notes. "I think that's important to make that distinction because it had nothing to do with who Zack was as a person, if that makes sense."

With a new husband by her side, Bliss wants fans to take away one message from her love story with Zack: "My hope is that they see that this really is a story of second chances that we've all really needed. This man gave me no reason to not trust in his honesty and his intentions. So, I hope that's what they see."

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Love Is Blind season 4 is now streaming in full on Netflix, and the live reunion special airs Sunday, April 16 from Los Angeles at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT.

Love Is Blind's Bliss Dishes on Her Wedding Day with Zack: 'It Was Just What I Imagined' (2024)
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