Where are Bliss Poureetezadi and Zack Goytowski from ‘Love Is Blind’ now? (2024)

Out of all the couples featured during Season Four of “Love Is Blind,” Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi had the most winding path to the altar.

After a mid-season breakup and makeup, Bliss and Zack made it to the show's finale, where they decided to tie the knot. This November, months after the show premiered in March 2023, Bliss and Zack announced they were expecting their first child.

Bliss told People it was a "nerve-wracking" and "beautiful thing." Below, reminisce about how they go to this moment.

What happened between Bliss and Zack on 'Love Is Blind'?

The fourth season of the hit Netflix series began with Zack navigating a love triangle. He fell for both Bliss and Irina Solomonova in the pods. The 31-year-old lawyer ultimately decided to pursue his connection with Irina and ended his relationship with Bliss.

After Irina and Zack realized their relationship was not working, they called off their engagement. He rekindled his romance with Bliss and proposed to her in Episode Eight.

The 33-year-old program manager explained why decided to accept Zack’s proposal in a recent interview with TODAY.com. She said the two had sparks when they reunited.

They got married in the 'Love Is Blind' Season 4 finale

After teasing Bliss and Zack’s wedding in the episode title, “Love Is Blind” showed their ceremony last.

When their portion begins, Bliss arrived at the wedding venue and said she was feeling “very nervous but excited.” Her friends and sister listened as she recalls the instant connection between her and Zack despite their brief breakup.

Bliss said the initial separation made her question her faith in them, but she was happy they made it to their wedding day.

Zack sat down with his friends and explained a few of their similarities, like how he and Bliss both see themselves as owls. He also mentioned them being fans of Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance.”

When Zack’s friend Kenny asked why the lawyer chose Irina over Bliss at first, he revealed that he actually wanted to propose to Bliss in the pods.

He said an argument with Bliss about their different childhoods made him change his mind. “I didn’t know how her family was going to react to me. I felt like she had been dismissive to kind of what I was saying,” he explained.

Although he worried about them being raised differently, he overcame his fear and enjoyed meeting her parents.

Zack said he recognized the two have not known each other for very long. “But I think the reality is at some point you just gotta take the jump,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bliss told her wedding party that she trusts Zack and believes he will be honest when they are standing at the altar.

Zack was shown putting on his suit and his “B” cufflinks, in honor of his fiancée, before his grandmother and sister arrive. They comfort him as he mentioned how much he wished his mother, who passed away, could have attended his wedding. “I know she’s watching,” he said.

As Bliss’s dad, Shah, prepared to walk his daughter down the aisle, he offered her some advice. “Never settle. No matter what,” he said. Mom Katherine shared more reassuring words.

While reciting his vows, Zack said he first knew he loved Bliss when he told her goodbye. “It was when I said goodbye, that I knew what I had lost,” he said. “I felt it, but it was when you were gone that I knew I really loved you.”

In return, Bliss praised Zack for how he sees the world. “You really believe in second chances. You believe in seeing the best in people,” she says, adding that his kindness makes him unique.

“I’d never met someone like you before. You are everything,” she said.

When it is time to reveal their answers, Zack said, “I love you so much, Bliss. I do.”

Bliss smiled and answered, “I do.”

Zack then kissed and dipped his bride as their friends and family applauded.

As their reception started, Womack’s ballad played in the background. Bliss and Zack glided around and touched foreheads during their first dance as husband and wife.

Bliss whispered, “I hope you dance,” repeating the song lyrics to her husband.

Before the episode ends, they both signed their marriage certificate and held it up for the cameras to see.

“You are the best wife ever,” Zack said.

What they've said about their relationship

Bliss told TODAY.com she knew that Zack was her person when they saw each other for the first time face-to-face.

“I didn’t come into it with any sort of expectation,” she shared. “I was willing to meet up with him because I felt like I could really trust this person.”

She added that they had an “intense chemistry” when they met. “I also really felt like I loved this person. I felt like this was my person,” she said.

Ariana Brockington

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Where are Bliss Poureetezadi and Zack Goytowski from ‘Love Is Blind’ now? (2024)
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