Love Is Blind's Zack Raves About Wife Bliss on First Wedding Anniversary: 'Everything I Was Looking for' (2024)

Love Is Blind stars Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi are celebrating one year of being husband and wife — and they couldn't be more in love!

Though they've been documenting their romantic getaway on their Instagrams for the last few days, the couple officially marked their anniversary on Tuesday, celebrating with respective posts on social media.

In a sweet post on his Instagram, Zack, 32, raved about his wife, 33, and the ways in which she "leaves me in awe."

"A year ago today when I uttered those two words, I do, I was already in awe of Bliss. She embodied everything I had ever wished for in a wife. But over the next year I would learn she is so much more than I ever could have imagined," he wrote. "She always finds beauty and meaning in the smallest things, like the sigh a puppy makes when it's overwhelmed with happiness. She never gives up on her goals, no matter how hard they are."

"Her resilience and tenacity is enough to break the best team of car salesman. She would buy plane tickets and fly across the country to meet with her family if they needed her without even asking a question," he continued. "Her compassionate and nurturing heart leaves me in awe. She is everything I was looking for and things I didn't even know I should have been looking for."

He added: "I feel so honored and proud to call her my wife. This has been one of the most wonderful years of my life with you by my side @blisspoureetezadi . It was incredibly difficult to keep this a secret for the last year. Happy anniversary to the most amazing wife anyone could ever ask for. #loveisblind #lovestory #love"

For Bliss's part, she shared a snap of the duo on her Instagram Story and wrote beside it, "Happy anniversary to the love of my life! 1 year of us has been the best time of my life!"

Love Is Blind's Zack Raves About Wife Bliss on First Wedding Anniversary: 'Everything I Was Looking for' (1)

Earlier this week, the couple kicked off celebrations by embarking on a cruise for a romantic getaway to Europe.

The pair shared a glimpse into their vacation on their respective Instagram Stories, which included some delicious meals, lots of scenic views and a relaxing spa day.

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"This is beautiful, oh my gosh," Zack said in a clip showing off their massage room, which had floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the ocean.

In a snap on Bliss's Instagram Story, she captured the sun setting over the ocean. "Our first Italian sunset," she wrote beside the image.

Love Is Blind's Zack Raves About Wife Bliss on First Wedding Anniversary: 'Everything I Was Looking for' (3)

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Bliss was even treated to breakfast in bed, documenting the moment her shirtless husband delivered a tray with fresh fruit and coffee to her bedside.

"Key to my heart, love you!" she told Zack in the short clip.

Love Is Blind's Zack Raves About Wife Bliss on First Wedding Anniversary: 'Everything I Was Looking for' (4)

Prior to setting sail on their cruise, Zack and Bliss enjoyed an afternoon at T-Mobile Park for the Seattle Mariners' baseball game.

They snapped a photo on the field together, showing Zack dipping Bliss as they shared a kiss. The couple also posted a selfie taken in the stands with their Mariners gear on full display.

"Keep swinging for the fences… Eventually you'll hit a home run ⚾️" Zack captioned his post, adding the hashtags, "#homerun #loveisblind #lovestory #mlb @blisspoureetezadi @mariners"

Zack and Bliss first met in the pods on season 4 of Love Is Blind.

Zack was initially entangled in a love triangle with Bliss and Irina Solomonova. He ultimately chose to break off his relationship with Bliss and propose to Irina, 26. But the pair mutually decided to end their relationship at the end of the group trip to Mexico.

With Irina's encouragement, Zack reconnected with Bliss back in Seattle, and Bliss accepted his proposal not long after when she realized that had "intense physical chemistry" on top of the emotional connection they'd formed in the pods. The couple then wed in the season 4 finale.

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Love Is Blind's Zack Raves About Wife Bliss on First Wedding Anniversary: 'Everything I Was Looking for' (5)

Speaking exclusively to PEOPLE after the season 4 reunion in April, Zack and Bliss detailed their plans for their first wedding anniversary.

"We're going to be in Europe," Bliss said. "First time in Europe, so it'll be great."

"We're going to be going all over Europe on our honeymoon," Zack added. "What happened was, for Christmas, I surprised Bliss with tickets to Europe. And it's scheduled for our one-year anniversary. So, we're going there for our one-year anniversary ... and then, we're going to have a second honeymoon in Panama. So, Bliss is [making] up for missing Mexico."

Love Is Blind's Zack Raves About Wife Bliss on First Wedding Anniversary: 'Everything I Was Looking for' (6)

The pair also spoke about what they found to be the best part of being married.

"I would say, waking up to her every morning is the best part," Zack said. "She just makes my life so more complete. She really does. My life has never been this good and I would sell everything I own to be with her."

Bliss added: "Yeah. I told him this this morning, when I wake up and I look over and I see him there, I just love him so much. It's so beautiful just to have that comfort, consistency and just someone you know that you can trust. I have no doubts that we will be together, literally, until our last breath."

Ahead of their one-year anniversary, Bliss shared a sweet video compilation of her favorite memories with Zack over the last 12 months.

"A little glimpse into our first year of marriage: travel, holidays, having the best time of our lives! I can't wait for more adventures with you, this is just the beginning! ❤️" she captioned the clip.

As for their hopes for the future, Bliss and Zack told PEOPLE they look forward to one day becoming parents.

"It's not too far [away] in the future, but it's not like super soon," Bliss said of having kids with Zack. "He's going to be such a good dad."

Asked if Zack feels the same way about his wife, he said there's "no question" Bliss would be a good mother. "Our children are going to be the luckiest kids in the world. I can't wait to have kids with her. I really can't," he said.

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All four seasons of Love Is Blind are now streaming on Netflix.

Love Is Blind's Zack Raves About Wife Bliss on First Wedding Anniversary: 'Everything I Was Looking for' (2024)
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