Onur Çalışkan was born in 2000, Istanbul.  He started to play clarinet while he was 10. In 2013, he awarded as 1st in “Young Clarinet Competition” which organized by Istanbul Clarinet Festival and received his award from Mustafa Kandıralı. In 2014, he started his music education with Gürhan Eteke in Istanbul University State Conservatory. He participated to International Clarinet Fest 2015 in Madrid, Spain. In 2016, he participated to Istanbul Woodwind Festival and performed with 4 different ensembles, as well as a soloist. He also participated to Philippe Cupper’s masterclass in this festival. In 2018, he performed as a soloist with İstanbul State Opera and Ballet Orchestra. In the same year, he participated to International Clarinet Festival in Ostend, Belgium and performed Carmen Fantasy as a soloist with İstanbul Clarinet Choir. He continues his music career with İstanbul Clarinet Choir, Kardeş Türküler and Can Kazaz. He also continues his study in Istanbul University State Conservatory with Gürhan Eteke.

Onur Çalışkan started to prepare his first album in 2017, which will be released within forthcoming months. This project combines ethnic, jazz and modern music genres. The Grammy-winning American musician Michael League, Ediz Hafızoğlu, Çağrı Sertel, Volkan Hürsever, Cenk Erdoğan and Efe Demiral, contributed to this album. A song from this album called “Tin” was released from BGST Records as a single. 

Onur Çalışkan gave a concert in 26th Istanbul Jazz Festival in the Vitrin Showcase Tour which was held for the first time in 2019.